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Fluoride Treatment (Preventative Service) - San Antonio, TX

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About Fluoride Treatments

There are adults and children who don't follow a good dental care routine and this can cause a lifetime of infections and cavities. To improve weakened or developing teeth, a special fluoride treatment may be given at Canyon Dental Care by our dentists in San Antonio, TX to remineralize and strengthen the dental enamel. Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that is usually added to city water systems. In addition, it is also in many dental care products in small amounts to strengthen the teeth. A professional fluoride treatment at Canyon Dental Care uses a safe, but strong dose of fluoride to guard the teeth against decay. Fluoride treatments can be administered in three forms (gel, foam, varnish) with two different kinds of fluoride. This includes neutral sodium fluoride for those who have dry mouth and dental work or acidulated phosphate fluoride for normal teeth.

What to Expect

Fluoride treatments are frequently given every six months after the patient's dental exam and cleaning or as often as our dentists suggest. The clean teeth are dried to prevent watering down the concentration of the fluoride, then the treatment is given to the patient as a gel, foam, or paint-on varnish that is applied for a few minutes. To make fluoride treatments more pleasant, our dentists will usually include a flavor chosen by the patient. Once the fluoride treatment is finished, patients should be certain to spit all fluoride out of their mouth to avoid negative reactions after the fluoride treatment.

Treatment Aftercare

To confirm the fluoride treatment completely treats the teeth, patients should not eat, drink, or smoke for at least half an hour after their fluoride procedure. Consuming any of the fluoride may lead to short-term stomach aches, but this should not last more than a day. While fluoride can be toxic in large amounts, our dentists are careful to give each person an appropriate amount of fluoride during their treatment at Canyon Dental Care.

Insurance Coverage

Professional fluoride treatments are considered a proactive procedure and are often paid for by insurance for younger patients who are 6 months - 16 years old two times a year as their teeth are forming. Insurance coverage for a patient over 16 who gets a fluoride treatment differs, so Canyon Dental Care will check the patient's policy benefits and calculate their out-of-pocket costs. For patients who don't have dental insurance coverage, Canyon Dental Care offers payment options and financing plans.

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Fight with Fluoride

To aid younger patient's growing teeth or adults who often get decay, a professional fluoride treatment following a dental cleaning and exam at Canyon Dental Care can protect and strengthen the teeth enamel. Ask our dentists about the value of fluoride treatments in Canyon Dental Care's San Antonio, TX office and prescription fluoride treatments for at home. This will help to remineralize the dental enamel and minimize the possibility of decay and cavities for improved dental health.

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